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About Alma Mater

This is an NGO campaigning for Alma Mater Endowments for the purpose of restoring the glory of the nation's educational sector that once secured a pride of place for citizens at the commanding heights of professions, every noble pursuit and academic excellence nationally and on the global stage.

The political office holders feel compelled to promise free compulsory, universal, and qualitative education at all levels of education but the clause is that these could only be guaranteed as and when practicable. It is absolutely obvious that the resources to implement these education programmes are not there. Therefore, there is need for support to ensure acceptable quality of the education provided.

With several decades of huge sustained investment in the educational sector and millions of successful beneficiaries in various walks of life, this Non-governmental Organization seeks to appeal to the spirit of self-help and communal solidarity for which our people are renowned to revive the educational sector. If everyone will Do something the educational sector will certainly revive and reign again in glory.

Our Objectives

  1. Facilitating formation of functional Old Students Associations:
    • Formation;
    • Encouraging active membership;
    • Erecting administrative structures transparent and credible enough to provide comfort for stake-holders and development partners;
    • Mobilization of resources for interventions.

  2. Designing appropriate programmes for intervention in the Alma Mater;

  3. Ensuring such intervention accord favourable priority to staff and students;

  4. Identify and connect stake-holders and other charitable entities that may be interested in the activities of the Campaign;

  5. Create and maintain sustained awareness campaign to establish the CULTURE of Alumni/Old Student material bonding to their Alma Mater.

Mission Statement

To Support Alumni/Old Students Associations to fully realize their potentials to impact most efficiently on the well-being of their Alma Mater.

Our Vision

The Campaign Vision is to: Uphold Alma Maters to be Worthy of their Illustrious Products.


This program is the most urgent given the critical state of that sector at present.
Part I: Introduction

Optimizing Partnership Benefits: Old Students/Alumni Associations

1. Given the heavy burden of funding the Educational sector, it is only natural and reasonable that every opportunity to share the burden be explored. In terms of financial and physical contribution, Old Students/Alumni Associations as well as PTA/CDAs are very prominent traditional stake-holders in the Educational sector.

2. Government relationship with the PTA has been quite robust and relatively well developed. The Ministry of Community Development and Cooperative similarly already has a policy in place to align Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of private firms in the State with the needs-including education of their host communities as represented by their respective CDAs.

3. Optimizing Partnership Benefits involves:
The Schools' Management clearly identifying the needs and priorities of the schools, while The Old Students channel their collective resources to accommodate those identified needs.

4. However, the Old Students/Alumni Association is a platform for partnership with Government that requires further development for optimum realization of the potentials they hold. There are several dis-connects, or challenges, which if properly addressed, will set free and release into the educational sector yet unquantifiable resources to Re-build that sector.


  1. Extreme Disparity in Viability
    While some schools, by reason of age and as first generation institutions or location, have produced impressive roll call of Old Students, others due to relatively young age and rural location are yet to make their mark in the comity of Old Students Associations. While the latter categories are without help, the Old Students have little to apply their immense Old Students resources to.
  2. Dormancy among Premium Value Old Students.
    Many Old Students have attained lofty heights in various walks of life all over the world. However, for one reason or the other, they have not directed their attention at helping their alma mater.
  3. Under-estimation of Potentials
    Traditionally, Old Students are active in their schools with stereotype contributions in the area of facilities and scholarship. Big Old Schools often get saturated and many alumni are left generally unchallenged in investing in the school system.


  1. Provision of Physical facilities-buildings, vehicles, equipment etc.
  2. Scholarship and assistance to indigent students.
  3. Students job placement and mentoring. However, potentials and resources of Old Students vastly transcend these items. Creativeness, passion and structured administration of Old Students affairs by Government will unbottle needed energy to transform our school system.
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